'Valhuman' is an Erasmus+ project exploring and advancing the values of humanities. Workshops and lectures tackled this topic in three European universities while the final event 'Humanifesta' opened up a public discussion.

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Showing the duality of 'Valhuman' as a project and 'Humanifesta' as it's public event series was the main challenge of this assignment. The team wished for a web design that made the connection clear and presented both endeavours boldly and unconventionally.


By using a minimal and bold colour scheme and typography in a novel way we were able to present this unconventional academic project fittingly. Simply inverting the colours for the event series allowed for a noticeable connection between project and event series.


Since humanities are at the centre of both - 'Valhuman' and 'Humanifesta' - we developed a combined logo for both that also functions as a unique way of navigating through the website. This visualises the connection between both projects and adds playfulness and interactivity.