Mom & Co

With their fresh take on pregnancy courses MOM&CO offers a contemporary and knowledge-based alternative. We set out to create a branding that reflects their innovative approach and addresses the modern new parents the company is looking for.

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Mom & Co


The team of MOM&CO wished for a branding that could reflect their modern ways, so naturally, that's what we were going for. Yet we aimed for a visual language that would also communicate the sensitivity needed for the topic.


By developing a set of unique shapes with distinct meanings and a sensitive yet powerful colour palette we created a branding with high recognisability. It communicates MOM&CO's fresh approach in a modern way.

Mom & Co Mom & Co Mom & Co

The five unique shapes in MOM&CO's new visual identity stand for positivity, trust, safety, learning and togetherness. Using them as a foundation for this new visual identity gave us a playful and versatile base that works for every occasion.

Photography by Nina Olivari