Lizet Deutekom is an Amsterdam based copywriter and concept creator with a clear focus on projects with positive impact. Her to-the-point copy and out-of-the-box concepts help people and brands to communicate clearly and strongly. We created Lizet's new visual identity to match this approach.

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Lizet Deutekom


Because Lizet's copywriting combines focus and clarity with a hint of humour our goal for this project was to create a visual identity that radiates just that. At the same time, we aimed to really highlight words, as they are the base of Lizet's work.


Working with a lot of white space, few colours and characteristic typography the new branding uses an extremely minimal and conceptual approach to making words the focus point. Neon teal scribbled elements add warmth and a crafty feel.

Lizet Deutekom Lizet Deutekom

Combining an extremely minimal branding with neon teal scribbles allowed us to remind viewers of the craft of writing while at the same time keeping the focus on Lizet's words. Her character shows through these personal, often funny elements, which adds personality.

Lizet Deutekom