Juniper & Kin is a unique combination of bar and restaurant at the top of QO Hotel in Amsterdam. At this forward thinking venue produce is carefully grown in a rooftop greenhouse and adds a personal twist to flavourful dishes and bold drinks.

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J&K's previous web design didn't fully match the venue's contemporary, innovative and sophisticated nature. Therefore our goal was to create an updated digital appearance which fully reflects the uniqueness of the space but still shows links to the brands' origins.


A new and refined approach to typography, an updated colour palette and an overall restructured setup gave the website a clean, stylish and contemporary character. The addition of motion design in split-screen segments communicates the height of the venue in a unique way.

Juniper & Kin Juniper & Kin Juniper & Kin

To show a clear distinction between Kitchen Garden and The Bar we developed a unique colour palette. By doing so we were able to communicate connections, as well as each venues' own identity while giving J&K a sophisticated brand update.