INHOPE is a global network fighting fiercely for a internet free of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). For the occasion of their 20th anniversary, we created a total rebranding to express and amplify the NGO's important message.

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The goal of this extensive project was not only a modern and timeless visual appearance for INHOPE. Just as much we aimed for a branding which communicates the NGO's values in a sensitive, bold and intuitive manner.


Basing the identity on the simple, powerful concept of two separate parts being bridged by one connecting statement achieved recognisability, while a unique colour palette and flat geometric shapes add their part.


Finding the right balance between visualising a driven, powerful network and paying respect to the sensitive topic at hand was one of the main challenges for this project. We approached it by carefully choosing colours, imagery and statements, but also by finding a strong key visual to build on.